Dieng Plateau – A Journey Beyond The Clouds

Adventurous and Cultural Journey

We are not lying to you when we tell you that this place is cold. Bring your jacket or you’ll be sorry, because we are going to take you to travel beyond the clouds. It was the place where the Gods live. If you visit the place, you will find out why the Gods love to stay in this majestic place.  

Things to do in Dieng


See the golden sunrise at Sikunir


Spend your day in the great savannah and see the twin volcanoes in Prau Mountain


Wandering at the ruins of the ancient temple at Arjuna Temple complex, Gatotkaca Temple and Bima Temple


Strolling around in the colorful lake of Telaga Warna

kawah-sikidangPay a visit to the wonderful sulfuric crater of Sikidang which is still active until today


Try the unforgettable taste of Mi Ongklok, the traditional noodle served in a hot soup and accompanied by beef satay

logoAnd many more things to do that we can’t tell you one by one so you have to prove it by yourself

What Should I Take to Dieng With Me


Jacket, sweater, scarf, gloves, socks, beanie, and hat to warm yourself up


Personal medicine


Don’t forget to bring a lot of money, because there are a lot of unique fruits and vegetables that could only grow in Dieng