Karimunjawa Tour

Karimunjawa – A Tropical Paradise in the North of Java

Adventurous Tour

Karimun Jawa is not as popular as Bali, Lombok or Kepulauan Seribu in the north of Jakarta. It contributes to the serene ambient to this place, there won’t be many tourists as many as in Bali or Lombok. The water is so clean, calm and warm, the sand is so white and soft, and the sun is not burning. You will feel like you are on your own this island all by yourself.

Things to do in Karimunjawa


See the sunset from above the hills or from the beaches in Karimunjawa


Snorkeling or Diving in the Karimunjawa waters

playing-the-warm-sandPlaying in the warm sands of the beaches in Karimunjawa

motorcycleExplore the whole island with motorcycle or cars


Sunbathing and day dreaming


Have lunch with the freshest fish that have just recently caught by the fishermen in the middle of the island


Set up a camping ground and do nothing over there


And many more things to do that we can’t tell you one by one so you have to prove it by yourself

What Should I Take to Karimunjawa With Me


Sun screen, sun glasses, hat, scarf and thin layered clothing that suit with the weather on the beaches


Jacket to protect yourself from the strong wind while we are moving from one island to another with boat


Camera to capture your bersukaria moment with us.


Personal medicine