Mount Bromo – Shore Excursions


Bromo derives from the word Brahma, one of the highest deities in Hinduism. It is still considered a sacred place by the local. The people who lived around the mountain believes there’s a magical power protecting the mountain. It will be wise if we don’t commit any careless actions inside this national park, moreover because the volcano itself is still active.

This mountain is located inside the caldera that was formed by the ancient volcanic eruption. More than 250,000 years ago, Bromo used to be the highest mountain in Java with the height estimated around 4,000 m above sea level. Then the volcano erupted five times and began to stabilise as a Mount Bromo that we know today around 1,800 years ago.


  • Two hours journey from the port to the mountain.
  • Experience the sea of sand surrounding the mountain with the local off-road vehicle.
  • View point to see the Bromo mountain from a higher perspective.
  • Climbing up the mountain. Please be aware that the mountain is still active. There’s a possibility that we can’t climb up the mountain due to the increasing volcanic activity.
  • You can also rent a horse to take you faster to the mountain as the truck can’t approach the mountain.
  • Lunch with the view.
  • The whole journey will take 6-8 hours

Pshycal Strenght


  • Pick-up and drop-off service
  • A spacious airconditioned car
  • Bersukaria Experienced Story Teller who will take you around and is going to share with you the stories to be taken home with
  • Entry/admissions in all destinations
  • Indonesian traditional lunch
  • Travel Insurance
  • A mask because the mountain can be so dusty when the time we arrive.
  • Authentic traditional craft from Bersukaria
  • Mineral water


  • Tips for the guides
  • Damages cause by the clients during the tour
  • Alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • Personal Medicine(s)

1 person

USD 250 / person

2 - 3 person

USD 130 / person

4-5 person

USD 110 / person

6-7  person

USD 90 / person

7-8 person

USD 80 / person

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