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Let's discover Semarang deeper than local ever did

You can locate us wherever you see our this sign

We are going to bring your imagination back to pass by showing you our photographs collection

We have 14 routes and 2 culinary edition around Semarang

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Things That You Will Get


Meeting new friends


Listen to the interesting stories, trivia and fun facts about the buildings and places that we pass through


Take a lot of pictures around historical buildings in Semarang


Imagining how the places were look like as we walk through the roads and street in Semarang with the help of old pictures that been brought by our guides


You can also burn calories, reducing stress, improve your breath, strengthen muscles and joints and all of benefits that you can get simply just by walking

Frequently Asked and Question

How much does it cost?

For Reguler walking Tour you can pay us as much as you think the walk is worth.

For Private Walking Tour you can take a look the price down there

How long are the walks?

From our past experiences, normally the walk will last up to two hours and around 3 KM

What should I bring?  

You can bring the comfortable footwear and thin layered clothes or shirts that absorb sweat

Hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sunlight

Umbrella and raincoat just in case the rain is falling

Waters and some snack that you can carry to accompany you along the way

Camera to capture the best moment

Some small amount of money in case you want to buy something that you find interesting along the way

What happens if it rains?

It depends on the intensity of the rain, if it’s only a drizzle, we can continue the tour. But if the rain is heavy, we will cancel the tour. So that’s why it is very important to register yourself prior to join our walking tour to notify if there is a change regarding to the tour.

What if I’m late?

To anticipate it, we suggest you to be on the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the tour is started and we will wait for you 5 minutes after the designated time.

Will we use public transport?

Some of the tour will require the use of the public transport. We will notify you before the trip, hence spare some little amount of money to pay the public transport.

Can we bring children?

Of course, but there is a one thing that you should bear in mind is that the tour will last for up to two hours.

Are the walks available in English?

It depends on our participants. We conducted our tour mostly in Indonesian, but if there is at least one foreigner in our group, we will switch our tour in English.  

Our Routes

Bodjong Weg Tour

The downtown of Semarang is a combination between the old and new buildings standing side by side and each building the new and the old on also plays an important role before and after the independence.


C10... It's a secret...

Candi Baroe Tour

In the beginning of the 20th century, lower Semarang was overly crowded. Hence the famous architect H. Thomas Karsten designed a new place for living in the highland that is located in the south of the city with the new concept of Garden City. This tour will discover the legacy and the remnants of the new concept.

Chinatown Tour

Chinese culture has become an important element that contributes to shape the identity of this city, you can find it in our music, dance, building and even in our food. The tour will take you to explore the Chinatown that according to some historian survived the oppression of the Soeharto Regime who promoted the anti-Chinese policy in Indonesia for more than 30 years. 

Jatingaleh Tour

Waterloo Van Java. Jatingaleh is the place of battle between British and France which also involve Mangkunegara, Kasunanan, Dutch, Sepoi India and Jogja royal family

Kampung Kota Tour

The village on the city center, feels two different atmosphere in one place. If you like photography this route will be really suitable for you

Kampung Kali Tour

Kampung Kali is one of the most famous canals in Semarang. Evidently around this canal it keep a place with full of stories.

Kauman Tour

The village located in former city center. Kauman is typical old city center in Java. Get prepare because you will walk on the water and fly to the sky in this route.

Mataram Tour

Mataram is one of legendary street in Semarang. Even the actual name is not Mataram, People keep call that district as Mataram. Let see what kind how legendary district adaptation with now days situation

Multicultural Tour

The tour will discover the multicultural side that helps to shape the city’s identity, starting from the one of the oldest mosque in Semarang and we will continue our journey to the oldest protestant and Catholic Church in Semarang. The journey will end at the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang.

Old Town Tour

One of favorite attraction in Semarang. Old town is the first European settlement in Semarang. Walk through old building with interesting story behind. This place simply like big time machine that will bring us back.

Radja Goela Tour

The first largest multinational company in SouthEeast Asia was founded in Semarang and the owner of this company lived in a very comfortable mansion that occupies 81ha land in the south of the city.

Simpang Lima Tour

Simpang Lima is known as Semarang city center. New city center after Independence day, A lot of story behind this Semarang city center

Spoorweg Journey Tour

Semarang was a birthplace of the railway industry in Indonesia because the first rail company was founded in this city along with various railway companies in Semarang. This trip will take you to travel through the glory time of the railway industry in Semarang.

Walking Tour Package

Regular Walking Tour

We're inviting you to spend it by participating in our walking tour

Surabaya Walking Tour

  • Sun . 26 Jan 20 . Kota Eropa . 08.00 . Taman Sejarah

Semarang Walking Tour

  • Wed . 01 Jan 20 . Radja Goela . 08.00 . Taman Indonesia Kaya
  • Sat . 04 Jan 20 . Kauman . 15.30 . Plasa Semarang
  • Sun . 05 Jan 20 . Bodjongweg . 08.00 . Ex-Sriratu Pemuda
  • Sat . 11 Jan 20 . Candi Baroe . 15.30 . Rs Elisabeth
  • Sun . 12 Jan 20 .  Kampung Kali . 08.00 . SMC Telogorejo
  • Sat . 18 Jan 20 . Jatingaleh . 15.30 . Jatingaleh traditional market
  • Sun . 19 Jan 20 . Multicultural . 08.00 . Johar Post Office
  • Sat . 25 Jan 20 . C10 . 15.30 . It's Secret
  • Sun . 26 Jan 20 . Spesial Imlek . 16.00 . Special Route

Weekly routine

  • Every Saturday Night . Night Old Town . 18.30 . Garuda Park

Suka Jajan

  • Sun . 12 Jan 20 . Peranakan . 08.00 . Tay Kak Sie Food Court
  • Sat . 18 Jan 20 . Tepi Kali . 14.30 . New Edition

*Please bring umbrella/ rain coat and wear comfortable shoes

Private Walking Tour

Indonesian Speaking Storyteller

1 person             IDR 125.000,-

2 - 4 persons      IDR 175.000,-

5 - 12 persons     IDR 225.000,-

13 - 20 persons    IDR 300.000,-

English Speaking Storyteller

1 person             IDR 225.000,- 

2 -  4 persons       IDR 350.000,-

5 - 12 persons     IDR 450.000,-

13-15 persons     IDR 550.000,- 

Français 日本語 Español Speaking Storyteller

1 person               IDR 300.000,- 

2 -  4 persons       IDR 400.000,-

5 - 12 persons     IDR 500.000,- 

*Please bring umbrella/ rain coat and wear comfortable shoes