Short Trip – Two Nights in Dieng

You will enjoy the freezing weather of Dieng in a relatively short amount of time but don’t worry because you can still get the best of Dieng in just two nights. This trip will give you a plenty of free time to enjoy the surrounding of Dieng by visiting the famous places the colorful lake of Telaga Warna, the active crater of Sikidang, and the beautiful temple of Arjuna. We are going to indulge our taste bud with various traditional food and beverages of Dieng too.


Day 1

Arrive at train station or airport before 10AM and continue the journey to Dieng directly. When we arrive, we will visit Telaga Warna Lake directly. But first, we are going to try Mie Ongklok. The traditional noodle served in a hot soup and accompanied by beef satay as well.

Day 2

Watch the sunrise from the Sikunir Hills and then we will try to warm ourselves up with Wedhang Purwaceng, a traditional beverage made of a root similar to ginger. Afterward, we are going to visit the Kawah Sikidang and the Arjuna Temple Complex. Some free time during the day to cool our heads off and we are going to see the sunset from Scooter hill. Here are the options for you to spend the free time:

  • Go to the Carica factory and learn how to produce a glass of carica.
  • Go to the tea plantation and drink the tea from the plantation.
  • Go to the Tuk Bimo Lukar ancient site where you can take a bath too.
  • Go to the Kalianget hot spring to warm yourself up and get relaxed
Day 3

We will depart from Dieng around 10.00 hrs. (1.00 PM) local time and go to Semarang airport or station. The journey will take around 4 – 5 hours and we will arrive in Semarang around 17.00 or 18.00 hrs. (5.00PM – 6.00PM) local time.

What’s Included

  • Transportation with a minibus or a kind.
  • A two night stay at the comfortable local homestay, Dieng Pass or similar.
  • We will provide 6 meals during the whole trip including two times breakfast, two times lunch and a dinner.
  • One or two experienced local travel partner.

2 - 3 Persons
IDR 2,850,000

4 - 6 Persons
IDR 2,000,000

7 - 10 Persons
IDR 1,850,000

11 Persons & more
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