About Us

Bersukaria is a tour organizer based in Semarang, Indonesia. We are focusing our activities on organizing the tours in the Central Java and Yogyakarta province.

Why Central Java and Yogyakarta?

Central Java and Yogyakarta have been widely known as a center of civilizations in Java for a long time. There were many ancient kingdoms and sultanates were founded in Central Java and Yogyakarta and left several marvelous wonders like huge temples and palaces. Central Java is the home of the biggest Buddhism temple in the world, Borobudur. During the colonial era, Central Java also played an important role as a home of various tea and coffee plantations as well as various industries such as bottling water and sugar. The first railway network in Indonesia runs in Central Java. Semarang as the capital of Central Java holds an important key role during the Dutch colonial era. Just like many other coastal cities in Java, Semarang was a vibrant city enriched by the multiple ethnics that is reflected upon its culture, buildings, and the foods that receive the influence from many parts of the world. Beside, Central Java and Yogyakarta also filled with a lot of places with the majestic natural beauty. A mountain range stretches in the middle of the island and some are still active, white beaches on the north coast of Java, area that still covered by forest, and also waterfalls. Despite Central Java is the third most populous province in Indonesia but you won't feel that you are stuffed up between the people.

Why travelling with Bersukaria?

Bersukaria will take you to organise the trip to see those wonders with the most fun way as possible since bersukaria itself means having fun wholeheartedly, so you will know what you get by travelling with us. We are not just an ordinary tour organizer but we love Central Java and Yogyakarta and its cultural heritage and the natural beauty from the bottom of our hearts, and we want to share it with all to our clients all over the world.

Just send us the inquiry, tell us what kind of places you want to see whether its cultural, historical, or natural or even gastronomical, and then we will organize it for you so you can just sit back and relax, let us take care the rest.