Bersukaria Story

Shore Excursion Story, A Journey with the Luckiest Couple in Semarang

Welcoming Mrs. Brayton at the Harbor   On February 13, 2017, Mrs. Chris Brayton contacted Bersukaria Tour under the recommendation of our good friends, Lynne ...
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Nyepi, Self Reflection Day

Tomorrow on March 28, 2017, Most of the Hindus society in Indonesia especially those who lived in Bali will celebrate Nyepi. Nyepi is a Balinese ...
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We Feel Grateful to Find The Guy From Bersukaria Tour – The Story from Mr. and Mrs. Knight

  An ad just popped up in my facebook and it says that there is a Tour Organizer in a city where the ship that ...
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Bersukaria, The Only Song Written by Sukarno

“Mari kita bergembira sukaria bersama Hilangkan sedih dan duka mari nyanyi bersama Lenyapkan duka lara bergembira semua Lalalaalaa laaaa la mari bersuka ria” You might ...
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The Toll Road From Semarang to Salatiga is Almost Fully Completed

A new toll road that is connecting the city of Semarang and another city that is located around 45 km (28 miles) in the south ...
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A shore excursion in Semarang with many fond memories

  Our dearest guests from the United States, Lynne and Mark Lynne and Mark, this remarkable couple had already made a contact with Bersukaria Tour ...
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