Shore Excursion Story, A Journey with the Luckiest Couple in Semarang

Shore Excursion Story, A Journey with the Luckiest Couple in Semarang

Welcoming Mrs. Brayton at the Harbor


On February 13, 2017, Mrs. Chris Brayton contacted Bersukaria Tour under the recommendation of our good friends, Lynne Castoldi, who we took for a tour to see the beauty of Semarang months ago. She read the review from Mrs. Castoldi about our shore excursion service on the internet. Soon they both became friends.

At first Mrs. Brayton requested the same tour as the one that Mrs. Castoldi had long time ago. Suddenly after reading a lot of information about this city, she changed her plan. As a tour expert in Semarang and Central Java, we didn’t find a problem with that. Hence, don’t hesitate to consult everything that you need to know about Semarang and the area surrounding to Bersukaria Tour. We would love to discuss the tour with our dear customers to meet their expectations.

Our konco dolan Dimas and Fauzan arrived at the harbor on March 29, 2017 at 08.00 AM. Konco dolan is derived from the Javanese language means a travelling friend. We love to meet our friends from all over the world. We would love to take them to see around the city and the area surrounding to have fun with us. For your information, Javanese language is a native language that is spoken in Central Java and East Java. It is also the second most spoken language in Indonesia after Bahasa Indonesia.

Not long after, Mrs. Chris Brayton and her husband Mr. Tom Brayton came out from the arriving hall with his partner. After we met them, we went to the Batik workshop which is located not very far from the harbor.

The Visit to the Batik Workshop

Mrs. Brayton already learnt about Batik, the traditional Indonesian cloth that is already listed in United Nation world heritage, prior to arriving in Indonesia. Indonesia celebrates National Batik Day every October 2nd. At the workshop, Mrs. Brayton also watched the process of creating and writing a batik cloth from there. After they watched the process, we moved to the Batik shop next to the workshop. This shop has a lot of variety of Batik from all over places in Java. Their collections are varied from Pekalongan, Lasem, Solo, and Yogyakarta. You can tell their differences from the colors, characters and the motives of each type of Batik. When we finished browsing at this store, we moved to the next destination.


The Visit to the Oldest Temple in Central Java

The travel time from the workshop to the temple is around one and a half hour. They were amazed that they could find a Starbucks Coffee at the rest area inside the toll road. On our way to the temple, this couple said that they are regarding themselves as the luckiest couple alive. They went through so many hard times. They said that they couldn’t get through those times if they weren’t lucky. 

From the toll road, we could see that the mountain was shrouded with a heavy grey cloud. It’s probably a cloud that also brings up the rain. We were worried that when the time we arrive at the temple, it will rain all over the temples. Nevertheless, when we arrived at the temple, the sky was clear. I think it is also because the luck that that they shared with us.


Gedong Songo temple is one of the oldest Hindus temples in Central Java. It’s even older than the Borobudur Temple. It was believed that the temple was built in 8th century. There are five temples scattered in an area that is located around 1,500 m above sea level (4,000 ft.). Those temples weren’t built at the same time. It took like sometimes a century apart to build one temple to another. The main purpose of the construction of these temples is solely for worshiping purposes.



A Threat Lies Behind This Beautiful Scenery

Although the view from up here is really breathtaking, these temples are regarded as the most physically challenging destination of all shore excursion packages that we have. We had two elderly couples over sixties who made it amid the tough effort and various stops. However we are still suggesting you to check your health and physical condition before deciding to take the tour. If you think that you are not in a good condition to climb up the way to the temples but you are still eager to see the temples, you don’t have to worry. Because there are plenty of horses to rent inside this area that could take you to see those temples.


When we finished the tour at the temple, it’s already a midday. So we decided to find a place to have lunch. Normally with the tour to Gedong Songo, we will have a lunch at Joglo Agung Restaurant. But this couple requested to visit another restaurant. They read the review of this restaurant from the ship. The restaurant was Joglo Hills Villa. It is a restaurant and also a resort.

Having Shore Excursion with Bersukaria Tour

The reason why our customers were contacting Bersukaria Tour mainly because they were looking for more private tours and also they wanted to seek out a new friends so that’s why this is the idea of Konco Dolan came from. We are more than than a guide; we are your friends from another part of the world. Since we are your friends, you can ask us everything. Starting from what we have for dinner, our religions, cultures, and our political views. We are also opened to talk about the current situations in Indonesia. We are also open to talk about the certain sensitive topics that are actually not allowed to be discussed publicly.


Lunch at the Traditional Javanese Restaurant

When we arrived, it seemed like the restaurant just had served a large group of customers before we arrived. The cruise ship also organized a tour of their own. Since the restaurant is preparing to welcome another group of tourist from the cruise ship that will arrive in an hour, we had a privilege to have lunch at one of their best room. The room where we had for lunch was like the most luxurious rooms in this resort. This room also equipped with the dining room, living room and a balcony. It is also built using the native Javanese architecture. It equipped with high roof that called Joglo and four supporting pillars inside the room called Soko Guru. Again, this couple was very lucky to experience this event because apart from enjoying our traditional dish, this couple also earned a privilege to experience how it likes to live like the traditional Javanese people.

Mr. and Mrs. Brayton ordered a black coffee after the meals. They then took a moment to enjoy the scenery and the serene ambience of this resort from the balcony. Afterward, we went to the parking lot to get in the car and move to another destination. On our way to the parking lot, we saw that there were a group of dancer performers. They were waiting for the bus to come. When the bus arrived, they started to dance. We watched the dance performing for ten to twenty minutes before we left the restaurant. When we left, they were still dancing even though no one was seeing them.

Moving on to Other Famous Tourism Destinations in Semarang

We moved to the third destination which is the Sam Poo Kong Temple, the biggest Chinese Temple in Semarang. we saw a group of people who came to this temple to read their fortune. There is a fortune teller service available at this temple. It was a nice experience because the fortune teller performed a rituals before he could come out with the verdict. He used sort of tools to help him to tell the fortune of these people. After we explored the temple, we moved to the last destination. It is the famous destination that attracts travellers from all over the world who are coming to Semarang, Lawang Sewu. This former headquarter of the oldest train company in the Netherlands East Indies (the present day of Indonesia) bear a witness during the golden era of the rail transport in the Netherlands East Indies. Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij, the former company who occupied this building. NIS was considered as the strongest railway company in the Netherlands East Indies. So much powerful even the state owned Railway Company, The Staats Spoorwegen, didn’t dear to cross its territory.


The sun is going down when we finished our tour with the luckiest couple we ever met in Semarang. Now it’s time to return to the harbor. It was such an honor to serve this couple. We do hope that Mr. and Mrs. Brayton could enjoy the time we spent with them. We are also looking forward to serve another guest from all over the world who would like to visit Semarang in the near future in any type of a trip, anywhere inside the Central Java. For more questions regarding our tours and services, please send us an inquiry at We are waiting for you to come to Semarang and Bersukaria with us.